Thursday, February 21, 2008

May I Suggest . . .

I thought I’d take the day off from my own opinions today and instead share some perspectives from others that you might find interesting if you have the time.

The first is a short article written by Sharon Harris that I came across on the Advocates for Self Government website. It’s not very long and it makes a most interesting statement in a very clever way. You have to read it all the way through to it’s conclusion to find out what she’s really talking about, but I’ll tell you this much; it’s not gun control.

They Pry Them From Our Cold, Dead Fingers

Next is an article that I think everyone should read, period. It was written by Alan Greenspan back in 1966 (yes, that Alan Greenspan) and it gives a very clear & basic explanation for what money really is in the first place, what banks were originally designed to do, and how the Federal Reserve (yes, the same Federal Reserve that Greenspan would later run for almost 20 years) was actually one of the root causes of the 1929 stock market crash.

Please don’t shy away from this article just because it deals with “economics”; it’s not very long and it’s very understandable. You may find – as I did – that when you get to the end of it you wished it was longer. There are many sites on the net that have the article listed; below is one of the places that you can find it.

Gold and Economic Freedom

Finally, a very interesting article about the government school system (i.e., what some people refer to as the “public” school system). I first read this about four years ago, just as I was really starting to question the world around me by thinking about it for myself rather than strictly relying on what others told me I should think.

It’s fairly long – about 18 printed pages – but it’s well worth a ½ hour of your time. And don’t let the title fool you; although it certainly starts out analyzing the relationship between nerds & popularity, it goes on to dive much deeper into the school environment that we subject our children to for over 12 years of their young & impressionable lives.

Although I can’t say whether or not every point of view that the author makes is valid, I know for a fact that some are, because they personally applied to me back when I was in school (please forgive me if I don’t tell you which ones!). Regardless, if you have an open mind and a few minutes to spare, this article certainly has the ability to make you re-think the entire concept of our present day school system, and I think that was the author’s intent more than anything else.

Why Nerds Are Unpopular


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Mama Hen said...

All very excellent articles!

I find it interesting that there is all this talk about "free trade" from our government...but really they seem to just be talking about the ability for the big wigs to put all their jobs overseas at no cost to them...only to the cost of the American people. Yet when I think of "Free Trade" I think of the ability and right of the American people to buy and sell, barter and trade without limitations and restrictions from the government.

Why can't we trade and barter goods if we want? Why do things like this happen:

It just makes no sense to me. But then, if we are bartering, and not using the "approved" paper money, they can't really keep track of what we are doing and dip into our pockets with their sticky fingers can they?

Excellent articles, too, about education. I appreciated the part about the new existence of "teenagers." Very timely, since my older son turned 13 this week. I actually posted an article on my site regarding this new creation. It is a favorite article, and one that I give to every parent that will read it. There are no teenagers in my house! Only young men and lady in training for who they will be some day.

God Bless!