Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Insane Little World

One my high school teachers used to have a poster in her room that said, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” I know that some of my “Contrarian Views” may seem a little paranoid at times, but I also think it's better to be safe than sorry.

We joke about how our elected politicians will say anything to get elected (i.e., lies) and about how they are bought & sold by whichever lobbyists have the most money to throw at them, but are we really joking when we say those things?

As of today, 12% of Americans have confidence in the US Congress. Twelve percent. (By comparison, our fearful Presidentionator looks absolutely spectacular with a 26% approval rating).

So if we do not have faith in our leaders, if we do not believe that they have any integrity, if we do not believe that their actions reflect the best interests of the people (and in fact represent the agendas of corporate lobbyists), is it paranoia or is it prudence that we question what we read in the news, especially if what we read in the news isn’t widely reported by the mainstream media markets?

Here’s some news over the past few weeks that you might have missed. The stories are all very real, and if I may be so paranoid, are all eerily similar to events that take place in the heart of the story at the center of What So Proudly We Hailed:

Microchipping schoolchildren

Cell Phone Monitoring in School (it wasn’t the story itself that caught my attention as much as the quote "The constitutional rights inside school are not the same as out in the street." Did any of you parents out there know that?)

Government Sanctioned Assisted Suicide (isn’t this “compassionate” program essentially how the Nazis started out manipulating public perception so effectively that it would later yield acceptance of the death camps?)

Universal Healthcare (were you aware that state government could force you to be a customer of a private corporation? If you live in Massachusetts you are. Just imagine what the Federal Government could do with this. I especially liked this quote from the article: “Monthly penalties for those who can afford health care but refuse will jump and could total as much as $912 for individuals by December”. That’s right, $900 per month.)

Laying the groundwork to force universal health insurance on everyone else? (remember, it’s those idiots who won’t buy health insurance that are making your premiums go up and up, not the ever increasing corporate profits of the insurance companies)

Newborn DNA Harvesting (I just like the sound of the word “harvesting” when I think of an infant)

See Something, Say Something (if this ain’t straight out of “1984”, I don’t know what is.)

Joint Military/Police Practice for Martial Law Enforcement (for our own protection, of course. I don't know about you, but my neighborhood is absolutely infested with them there Al-Kida fellers)

I’ve added two website links to my blog; one is for Infowars, the other for Rogue Government. Even if you don’t subscribe to a lot of the ideas that they promote on their sites (9/11 conspiracy, New World Order, etc.), they are both pretty useful in the fact that they provide a collection of real news stories – and in some cases, opinion - that you probably did not even realize had taken place. So after you watch the news that ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX/CNN has to offer, you may enjoy finding out about some topics & news that obviously weren't important enough to make it to primetime.

On a lighter note, I’ll leave you with this little piece of insanity. It’s a British thing, but it could just as easily be a California thing, or a New York thing, or a Florida thing, or a . . . .
"Brainstorms" replaced with "Thought Showers"

What were those crazy slogans that Orwell penned some 60 years ago?

War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.

They almost make sense now. Say it enough times, it becomes true.
But I'm being paranoid.

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Looking Heavenward said...

Hi Blaine,
Great post! We have been reading Infowars and other similar sites for the past 3 years. Wow, what incredibly eye-opening stuff!! Now I feel a lot less baffled by what I see happening around me. When you know some of the behind-the-scenes info, it all makes sense in a twisted sort of way. We feel very blessed because this type of info makes us realize even more emphatically that this world is not our home, that Satan truly *is* the god of this world, just as Scrpture says, and it makes us long for His appearing that much more. Great blog--keep up the good work.