Friday, October 17, 2008

Shut Up and Take Your Medicine

Excerpts from an AP news story yesterday:

As flu season approaches, many New Jersey parents are furious over a first-in-the-nation requirement that children get a flu shot in order to attend preschools and day-care centers. The decision should be the parents', not the state's, they contend.

State policy now allows for medical and religious exemptions to mandatory vaccinations, but Vandervalk said requests for medical exemptions often have been turned down by local health authorities. She said 19 other states allow conscientious exemptions like those envisioned in her bill.

New Jersey's health department has come out strongly against the legislation.

"Broad exemptions to mandatory vaccination weaken the entire compliance and enforcement structure," it said.

Entire Article: NJ flu-shot mandate for preschoolers draws outcry

Excerpts from "What So Proudly We Hailed":

The HMO’s, for instance, who ran the country’s healthcare system wanted to know how well you were taking care of your body. What did you buy at the grocery store? How much of it did you get, and how often did you go back for more? How many hours were you at the health club? Did you eat fast food? Did you smoke? Did you drink? Were you complying with your individual health mandate – making your scheduled doctor’s appointments, getting your vaccinations on time, and taking your prescribed meds?

The hospitals were numerous and clean, the nurses would always smile as they herded you through from station to station, and the doctors would all nod their heads as you answered their questions. It seemed the same as before, and yet, there was a definite underlying current that everyone seemed to pick up on even though we were all afraid to say anything about it. A negativity that you could literally feel. Because even though the smiles were the same as before, there was now an unspoken message that was as plain and blunt and non-negotiable as it was taboo to even mention: Shut up and take your medicine.

So we did.

* * *

Some people think I'm a little paranoid. You tell me. What do the words "compliance and enforcement" mean to you?


MamaHen said...

They sure don't mean "voluntary!"

(I have a new e-mail address)


Diane said...

More in the category of one-day mandatory drugs:

And, what's more, it'll no doubt be promoted as a "necessity" drug to encourage the already-discussed federally-mandated health care program.

Kimber said...


I had the exact same thoughts when I read the recommendation that HEALTHY people take Statin drugs. ARGH!

Another recent frustrations was all the "pink ribbon" money raised in October for Breast Cancer Cures and not one dime of that goes to tell women how to STAY HEALTHY and help to prevent breast cancer. If anything, the FDA has worked hard to suppress the information which actually might help some women avoid developing cancer of the breast in the first place.

Some days I read these articles about modern health care and the new medications and then just want to bang my head against a wall. I probably WOULD but I fear someone might turn me in to the health authorities who would diagnose me with one of the newfangled and imaginatively created "diseases" which require antidepressants (which boast side effects much scarier than depression itself!)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts diane