Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dueling Excerpts

Sooner or later I think people will actually start reading What So Proudly We Hailed. Sooner would be nice. Until then, the lines between a fictional novel and a factual reality continue to blur together in alarming fashion. Hopefully, reality will shift away from its parallel course at some point. If not, we're all in a lot more trouble than we could ever imagine.

excerpt from "ID cards for foreigners launched":
LONDON (AFP) – The government launched the first phase of a controversial new identity card scheme Tuesday, forcing certain foreign nationals to start carrying the documents from later this week.

The documents will feature the holder's name and date of birth, their visa status and right to work, as well as a photograph, fingerprint record, and other biometric data.

excerpt from "What So Proudly We Hailed":
The Real ID for instance, when it did go into effect in 2008, wasn’t the “end of freedom for all” like some had said it would be. It was painless. Nobody even got a national ID card, much less one with a radio frequency chip or a DNA sample or a retinal scan. There were no roadblocks or checkpoints. Nothing like they said it would be. All that happened is that a positive form of ID was added to the driver’s license that everybody had already anyway: a fingerprint.

No big deal.

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lise said...

I would read your book, except for one thing...the excerpt I read was *so* very real that I couldn't even think of reading it right now! Our family has been through some intense experiences the past few years, and my nerves are still so raw that I just can't bear to read anything so realistic...Please accept my rather unusual commendation on your writing abilities and your very astute attention to the downward trend of world events in the writing of your novel! Best wishes to you and yours---and I am yet another commenter who misses Catherine's blog!