Friday, May 22, 2009

A Real "Full Service" Bank

Every Friday morning the Casey County Bank across the street has free doughnuts. It’s my usual habit to walk over and get a few for me & the ladies who work here in City Hall.

This morning we got a phone call from Denise at the bank just after 9:00 a.m. She hadn’t seen me yet and was a little worried that I had forgotten. I can’t help but laugh.

Does that kind of thing happen in your town? It does in mine.

We don’t have much, but we have each other.


BegFookinScottishMatthew said...

That freaking RULES.

Didn't you tell me that your town was doing local money? Are they one of the banks?

Blaine Staat said...

It is cool, isn't it? I'm still smiling about it.

We're not doing local money (yet), but I have a lot of respect for those towns who do and I fully believe our banks (all 3 of which are locally owned/operated) would support it if we ever decided to.

Kimberline said...

Well, we don't live in that kind of town. It SHOULD be that kind. It COULD be that kind. Every town should be and could be.

We had hoped for Bedford Falls and instead we got Pottersville.

I'm glad you and yours found your little slice of heaven on earth.