Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Get a Job in Government

Note: Neither of these are mine; just passing along. Enjoy!

Case Study #1:
A country boy answered an ad to buy a mule and paid $500 for it. A few days later he came by with his truck to pick it up and the seller came around and said, “I’m real sorry son, but the mule has died and I can’t give you your money back ‘cause I already spent it.”

The country boy said, “Well, just give me the mule anyway and I’ll raffle it off.”

Weeks later, the seller met the country boy and asked him how the raffle went. The country boy said it was a rip-roarin’ success; he raised $900 by selling raffle tickets for $2 apiece.

The seller exclaimed, “Wasn’t the winner upset when he found out the mule was dead?”

“Oh, landsakes, yes,” the country boy replied, “he was real mad.”

“Well, what did you do?” the seller asked.

“I apologized and gave him his $2 back,” the country boy said.

One year later, the country boy was hired to run the U.S. Treasury.

Case Study #2:
A father was trying to prompt his teenage son into choosing a career, but he had no idea what the boy’s interests were. Sneaking into his son’s room one day, he laid a Bible, a silver dollar, a flask of whiskey, and a girlie magazine all in a row on top of his son’s dresser.

He then hid in the closet with the door cracked open so he could see what his son would do when he came into the room, thinking to himself, “If he picks up the Bible, he’s going to be a preacher. If he picks up the silver dollar, he’ll probably be a banker. If he picks up the whiskey, he’ll wind up a drunk. And if he picks up the girlie magazine, he’s doomed to be a womanizer.”

Pretty soon the his son walked in the room and went straight over to the dresser. He picked up the Bible and put it under his arm, slipped the silver dollar into his pocked, took a shot of whiskey, and then started flipping through the girlie magazine.

“Oh, no!” the father thought, “he’s gonna be a congressman!”

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