Monday, July 15, 2013

Clash of the Figments - Chapter 2

A good movie has a way of staying with you.  It can alter the way you think.  Change your life.  One of my personal favorites is a mid-80’s flick called Kill Squad.  In it, some guy gets into some kind of trouble.  Can’t remember what.  But apparently he needs some of his old buddies to help him with whatever it was.  He goes out to round up his first buddy and as soon as he finds him some bad guys show up and they have this big Kung Fu fight and the two buddies beat up all of the bad guys.  Then they both go to get the second buddy and as soon as they get there, more bad guys show up and they have another big Kung Fu fight and beat up all of those bad guys.  The same thing happens as they go to get buddy number 3, and again when they get buddy number 4.  Once they were all together, they went and found the rest of the bad guys, had one more great big Kung Fu fight, and beat up all of them. 

Roll credits. 

I had to admit, it kept me guessing the whole way through.  The reason I mention this, other than to relive a great cinematic experience, is because now I needed help and had to assemble my buddies, and I figured that this would happen in very much the same way that it did in Kill Squad, except for the Kung Fu fighting and bad guys and the fact that I only had to get two buddies instead of four.  Still, pretty similar. 

I picked up the phone to call buddy number one: Jimmy.  I didn’t get an answer and figured that there could be several reasons for this.  To sharpen my detective skills I analyzed the situation and pondered some of the possible reasons why Jimmy might not answer his phone.  Detectives do this.  Keeps us sharp.  I jotted down a few of the more likely possibilities of why Jimmy wasn’t answering:

-Jimmy was outside

-Jimmy was dead

-Jimmy thought he was dead and saw no point in answering

-Jimmy didn’t have a phone and I had dialed a wrong number for someone else who wasn’t home

-Jimmy was standing on his kitchen table and couldn’t get to his phone because his floor was covered with slithering cobras

-My phone was a prop

Intriguing, all.  But I didn’t have time to ponder them, so I decided to pay Jimmy a call in person.  I grabbed my coat and hat and walked out the door.  Got halfway down the hall and then ran back to get my snare.  Just in case I was right about the cobras. 

Damn, this is a short chapter. 

Next Week: Chapter 3

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