Monday, March 23, 2009

Laughter Speaks Louder Than Words

Just a little bit of humor for your Monday morning . . .

Every Sunday morning I sit next to a man named Bill in our Sunday School class. Bill was a lifetime Marine; he served combat tours in Korea and his body bears the scars. He’s old and has some trouble moving around. His body has its good days and its bad days. But Bill’s mind is still sharp as a tack, and he’s never lost his sense of humor.

Yesterday we were studying Nehemiah; specifically, the problems that the people of Jerusalem were confronting Nehemiah with as he was leading them to rebuild the city. Their problems sounded much like our own today; the fruits of their labor were overtaxed, their lands were mortgaged, their families were hungry and struggling.

Our Sunday School teacher then made a reference to Joseph by asking “What did Joseph do when hard times hit Egypt?”

Without the slightest hesitation and in perfect dead-pan form, Bill said, “He passed a stimulus package.”

The entire class erupted in laughter.

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Jennelle said...

Hi Blaine,

If you will, please tell Cat I said hi and that I miss her and her blog very much.