Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rebels With A Cause

Most people probably won’t be interested in this post, but I can’t help it; I have to tell it anyway.

This year our little Casey County High School “Rebels” girls basketball team made it to the Kentucky State Championship Tournament for only the 2nd time ever in the history of the school.

This is much more significant than you might initially think, because:

- There are 225 high schools in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; only 16 make it to the State Tournament.

- Casey County is a small High School; a graduating class is typically between 80 – 100 students each year.

- Kentucky is a basketball crazy state. For instance, when the University of Kentucky plays a game (even if they aren’t very good), just about everything stops. Streets are deserted, tumbleweeds roll through town, children are left unattended in their strollers . . . okay, that’s a little rich, but you get the picture. People in Kentucky LOVE basketball.

So as you might imagine, it’s a pretty big deal around here that our girls made it to the state tournament. That’s why they were escorted out of town yesterday by a caravan of fire trucks & emergency vehicles with lights flashing and sirens blaring as they headed off to Bowling Green.

And it’s a really big deal (to us, anyway) that last night they won their very first State Tournament game ever.

Final Score – Casey County: 54, Johnson Central: 31

We’re so proud of our girls. Go Rebels!

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