Friday, April 3, 2009

Above the Law

If you have any concern whatsoever about the United States, your family, or your freedoms, I urge you to go to the below link and watch the embedded video. It’s only 9 minutes long. I wouldn't ask if it weren't worth spending the time.

Please put your politics aside for this 9 minutes. Forget about Republicans and Democrats. Forget that this video is from Fox News. Forget the commentary on the video if you like. Just pay attention to the taped conversation that occurred between a detained man and the TSA authorities who were interrogating him.

Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying CASH!

Did this man do anything wrong? Was he rude or belligerent? Is it a crime now to carry cash, even if it is $4,700? Does this have anything to do with airport safety or protecting American citizens? Do government agencies have the right to pry into any area of our lives that they want, even if there is no legal justification for doing so? Are the “authorities” not required to provided answers regarding the legality of their own actions?

This is not conspiracy theory, folks. It’s not paranoia. And it’s not an isolated incident. Abuse of government mandated power is happening in this country everyday, everywhere. Below is yet another news item (just from today) that illustrates a similar disturbing show of force:

DHS, Military Police, Law Enforcement Plan Checkpoint in Tennessee

This is for a seatbelt checkpoint in Tennessee. Why does the Department of Homeland Security need to be involved in a seatbelt checkpoint in any way, even if only as “observers”? And what about the military? Forget that it’s illegal for the military to be used in this way in the first place, why would they need to be involved at all? It’s a seatbelt checkpoint. Or is it?

Why are these things happening?
Who gains from them?
What is the motive behind them?
And most importantly, to what end are they leading us?

Is the world of tomorrow one where we should be expected to divulge information about any and every aspect of our lives to anyone wearing a badge, simply because they want to know? Should we come to expect more and more “checkpoints” in the future? Perhaps even ones that are wholly administered by the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Military?

Lots of questions. Few answers. One really bad feeling.

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