Monday, April 27, 2009

"How Scared Should We Be?"

That question is taken from the article Swine Flu: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Outbreak. Not only is it from the article, it is actually one of the 5 things that we apparently “need to know”.

Step back from this for just a second and think about that question. Have we become so dependant that we can’t even think for ourselves anymore? Do we really need someone else to not only tell us when we should be scared, but to actually tell us how scared we should be?

Now that's scary.

Here’s a question for you: If we’re no longer capable of determining our own actions and emotions, is there really any difference between us and a computer? After all, they also need someone to tell them what to do because they can’t think for themselves either (well, for now anyway).

Maybe I should go ahead and get “Dell” tattooed on my arm. I sure wish somebody would tell me if that’s okay.

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Kimberline said...


Saw this news clip and thought of your book What So Proudly We Hailed. It is kinda creepy how many bullet points you hit which are now coming into the media as true possibilities.

I wasn't sure of where to send this to you, so clicked into a comments section. I thought the one titled "How Scared Should We Be?" is a good place to stick it.

I'm going to reread your book. I'm starting to think you have written an endtimes primer.