Tuesday, January 8, 2008

American Idol

Is it just me, or does it seem to anyone else that the current presidential race bears a lot of resemblance to the TV show “American Idol”? I mean, for the past 12 months (that’s a full year already folks, and the elections are still 10 months away) these people have been performing almost on a daily basis for your vote, with the Grand Prize being not a trip to Hollywood and a recording contract, but an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C. to indulge in a 4-year power trip.

It’s the ultimate in reality TV, and very much like the TV show American Idol if you think about it; the only real difference being that instead of the contestants being a bunch of self-absorbed kids with stars in their eyes, the players are self-absorbed adults. I do have to admit, though, that I would probably enjoy the presidential version of American Idol a lot more if Simon were around to heckle and berate the candidates. You have to admit, that would be fun to watch.

So much has already been said about the presidential campaign; I don’t want to waste anyone’s time by repeating words that have already been spoken. There are a lot of things that are upsetting about the campaign process in the U.S. (not the least of which is that it has devolved into nothing more than a popularity contest), but you know what disturbs me the most? What really bothers me is not media bias, or slanted polls, or dirty campaign ads. No, what strikes me as most unsettling is how badly all of the “contenders” want to be the next president.

Just take a look at them the next time you see them on TV; they really, really, really want to be president. Romney and Clinton especially look like they’re about to pee in their pants to get the job, but every one of them - to some degree or other - are all but salivating at the chance.

And I have to wonder, if somebody wants something that bad, is it a really a good thing to let them have it?

If someone came up to me and said, “Hey, Blaine. I need a gun, buddy. I mean, I really need a gun; really, really bad. Help me out, brother. You’ve got to give me a gun”, do you know what I’d do? I wouldn’t give them a gun, you can be sure of that, because I have to think that anybody who needs a gun THAT BAD is probably the last person who should actually have one.

So when I see all of these mainstream candidates doing the pee-pee dance for the opportunity to be the President of the United States, I wonder if it’s really a wise thing to put any of them in office, because we’re not just talking about putting a single gun in their hands, we’re talking about giving them full control of the most devastating military arsenal on the face of the planet, even if that's not specifically what they are asking for.

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